Anna Soubry MP speaks up for Broxtowe’s Green Belt

Anna Soubry MP today took part in the Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategies Hearing Session. It was the first of 8 days of examination of plans, including Broxtowe Borough Council’s plan to build over 3,000 houses on Green Belt land.

Anna said, “Today we discussed the councils’ duty to co-operate and consultation with communities. As I highlighted today, there has been a pitiful lack of consultation on the part of Broxtowe Borough Council with local communities and my constituents. Neighbourhood plans have been introduced as a ‘sop’ at the end of the planning process and all along the way the housing figures themselves have not been up for consultation; you can seemingly only challenge them if you are a planning expert with ready access to technical information.”

The Broxtowe MP will return to take part in the hearings on Thursday 7th November to discuss matters specific to Broxtowe.