Anna Soubry MP speaks out in Parliament on the double threat to Broxtowe’s Green Belt

Anna Soubry MP speaks out on the double threat to Broxtowe’s Green Belt in Parliament

Anna Soubry MP has this week spoken out in Parliament against the double threat to Green Belt in Broxtowe from both UK Coal’s application for Open Cast Mining at Shortwood Farm and Broxtowe Borough Council’s decision to accept a housing target of 6150 which means homes will have to be built on Green Belt land.

Anna began by speaking of UK Coal’s application, stating:

“There is no merit whatever in the application that UK Coal has made. It would undoubtedly lead to an excess of dust and noise and the loss of an amenity that is much loved by many of my constituents…It is the stuff of madness that in this day and age we are still extracting coal in that way and burning it in power stations. We should now have alternatives up and running.”

Anna then spoke out about the threat to Green Belt land from housing development, stating:

“Last week Broxtowe borough council voted on and accepted, with only the Conservatives dissenting, a top-down housing target of 6,150 houses being built… We have very little green-belt land left in Broxtowe, because we have built on it over the years. We are now the most densely populated borough in the whole of Nottinghamshire, and arguably in the whole east midlands… The situation flies in the face of the national planning policy framework that the Government announced at the end of March… they have made it crystal clear that green-belt land should not be developed on, save in exceptional or very special circumstances, and then only after robust public consultation…

However, our Labour and Liberal Democrat council has steamed ahead in the face of local people’s views and without proper consultation. Instead of adopting Labour’s admirable policy of brownfield sites first and green-belt land afterwards, Broxtowe council is doing the reverse….I hope that the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government will make the Government’s policy quite clear yet again. I hope he will say that local authorities are under a duty to determine their own housing targets and make their own plans, and to protect their green belt from development at almost all costs.”

To read the full text of Anna’s lengthy speech, please Click Here