Anna Soubry MP Speaks out in favour of Same-Sex Marriage legislation

Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, has spoken out in favour of today’s announcement that the Government plans to legislate, in the New Year, to legalise Same-Sex Marriage.

Speaking today, Anna said:

“I’m very much in favour of legalising Same Sex Marriage and welcome today’s announcement by the Secretary of State, Maria Miller MP, that the Government will include a “quadruple lock” in legislation which safeguards the freedoms of churches and all faiths not to marry people of the same sex.

I believe in marriage – as an institution, as something to aspire to and achieve as a lifelong and public commitment between two people to spend their lives together. I believe it provides stability and is the better way to raise children. It is therefore my firm belief that the extension of the institute of marriage to Same Sex couples is the right thing to do.

I have been contacted by a large number of Constituents on this matter, with a roughly equal number in favour of and opposed to Same Sex marriage. However, many of those who wrote to me in opposition to same sex marriage legislation, expressed the very real concern that any change in the law could lead to appeals under Human Rights legislation that could force religious institutes to marry same-sex couples against their will. The proposed legislation; which makes it illegal for the Church of England to marry same-sex couples, prevents discrimination claims from being brought against religious organisations and makes it unlawful for religious organisations to marry same-sex couples unless their governing body has expressly opted in to do so; explicitly removes any danger of this happening.”

To find out more about the Government’s proposals, please visit the DCMS website here