Anna Soubry MP shows City and Borough Council leaders “nightmare” life in tram works

Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry showed City Council Jon Collins the “nightmare” life of residents on Lower and Fletcher Road in Beeston where tram works are making their lives a misery. Initially Cllr Collins had refused even to meet Anna but rlelented and finally agreed to visit residents in Beeston.

Anna and Jon were also joined by Broxtowe Borough Council leader, Milan Radulovic.

Jon and Milan spoke to residents and then walked down both roads. Lower Road has been completely dug up with a small foot bridge to allow residents limited access to their homes.

The work will continue until March next year. Residents have had to endure pile driving, rats, the loss of gardens, constant noise and dust alongside the closure of both roads.

Anna said “residents have suffered and their quality of life has been seriously diminished they need properly compensating for the loss of quality of life and amenity.”