Anna Soubry MP secures City Council tram commitment

Nottingham City Council has agreed to revisit the compensation package for businesses in Beeston and Chilwell affected by the Tramworks, following a meeting with Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry.

The leader of the City Council, Jon Collins, at first refused to meet Anna or change the scheme but yesterday met with Anna in Nottingham.

“It was a very positive meeting”, said Anna, “the City Council has agreed to look at a special hardship fund for shops and businesses particularly hit by the complete closure of High Road and Chilwell Road and the City and County Councils will look at raising the financial cap above £13,500”.

Anna also raised the traffic problems which the County Council promised to re-examine and improve,a number of particular problems raised by residents in Chilwell and the continuing disruption on Lower and Fletcher Road in Beeston.

“I specifically raised the problem of home owners not being able to sell or re-mortgage their properties, which was news to NET and the City Council. They have agreed to work with individual residents to solve this problem as a matter of urgency. People are living in a major infrastructure building site and, although things have improved, we all agreed the situation must not deteriorate again. There have already been improvements, but it is recognised that there has been a huge communication problem which NET, the constructors and the City Council have promised to improve.”

After the meeting, Anna met residents on Lower and Fletcher Road and connected roads to relay details of the meeting and hear the views and concerns of people.

“I will follow up the meeting with a letter to Jon Collins, detailing the various issues and matters raised by people on Lower, Fletcher, Queens Road and Albert Road. Councillor Collins has asked for another meeting in a month’s time when he will provide details on the cap and a special hardship fund for traders and update me with the results of the numerous complaints I have raised on behalf of residents in Beeston and Chilwell.”