Anna Soubry MP secures A52 roadwork postponement

Anna Soubry MP has secured a delay in the planned works at the A52 Bramcote Island.

The works, which were scheduled to take place from Monday 6th February, included overnight lane restrictions in order to make environmental enhancements to the roundabout.

Speaking of the postponement Anna said, “I received a large number of complaints from residents who were genuinely concerned that further road works in the area would make travelling intolerable. Whilst I was assured that any lane restrictions were due to take place overnight in order to limit the impact on the local road network, signage in the area warned of expected delays. Given the severe disruption in this area recently, I am glad that the Highways Agency has taken the decision to postpone this work.”

Anna added, “ the Highways Agency has assured me that they will endeavour to do whatever they can to assist the local Highways Authority with the current disruption, and I will continue my requests that NET work with authorities to have a proper traffic management system in place.”