Anna Soubry MP pledges to fight development on Field Farm

“It really is profoundly disappointing that Stapleford’s own elected representatives did nothing to thwart the Borough Council’s plans indeed some spoke in favour of the target for 6,150 houses, many thousands of which will be built on Green Belt land”.

Anna attended Wednesday evenings meeting along with members of STRAG – the Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group. Only Conservative Councillors spoke up and voted to keep Field Farm from development; one Lib Dem Councillor from Beeston also rejected the target of 6,150 homes.

“We are now urging everyone who knows and values Field Farm to write to Broxtowe Borough Council. Please mark your letter “Core Strategy Consultation” and say why you reject the target of 6,150 houses, why you believe Green Belt land should not be built on and why you object to development at Field Farm.”

Send your letter to Broxtowe Borough Council, Foster Avenue, Beeston NG9 1AB.

Please join STRAG whose details are as follows.

Call Richard MacCrae on 07740344427

Stapleford Community Group

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