Anna Soubry MP on Tramworks Delay

Anna Soubry has called for an urgent meeting with Nottingham City Council and the tram constructors following today’s shock announcement that the tram will not open until sometime in 2015.

Anna said, “Throughout this whole sorry story residents, businesses and I have had a string of broken promises on completion dates. We still have no idea when this line will be completed. We demand a date, and a plan of action involving all of us to get this tramline open. I also want to know how much money TWA will have to pay out because they haven’t completed on time. That money must not sit in the City Council coffers, but must be used to compensate residents and small businesses throughout Beeston and in Chilwell and Toton, who have suffered so much in the last 18 months. We should also look at spending that money on making Beeston a great place to live and shop. Residents on Lower and Fletcher Roads have been existing for 18 months in a major construction site. Businesses throughout Beeston have seen their takings plummet as the town has been strangled by the tramworks. Make no mistake, if these small independent businesses are not assisted, they will not be able to take advantage of the tram when it finally arrives.”

Anna is also writing to the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin. Anna said, “It is imperative that infrastructure projects are not only delivered on time and to budget, but also with the minimum disruption to ordinary people and businesses. It is deeply regrettable that the City Council has let us all down and these works are so badly delayed.”