Anna Soubry MP on the Equal Marriage Bill

As you may be aware, Tuesday will see the second reading of the Bill to allow people of the same sex to marry. You can read the Bill here in full:

My intention was to hold a public meeting on the issue between the first and second reading but the short period of time has not allowed that. I will hold a public meeting between Tuesday’s vote and the third reading- assuming Parliament votes in favour of the Bill. I have also asked to meet the congregations of a number of pastors and priests.

I am in favour of same sex/equal marriage having thought carefully about the issue and having listened to both sides of the debate as advanced by constituents in conversations, letters and emails. I will be voting in accordance with my own views which are in favour of changing the civil law whilst protecting the rights and freedoms of churches, faiths and religions to set their own rules on marriage. No-one will be forced to conduct a “gay marriage” and it will not be imposed on any church, faith or religion.

I have included a brief “mythbuster” document below, which I hope may allay some of the many fears that have been raised to me regarding this legislation. I do hope that those opposed to the bill will take the time to read this through.