Anna Soubry MP on Flood Defences and Winter Weather in Broxtowe

Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry has welcomed the timely benefit of the Attenborough flood defence scheme which was completed ahead of schedule in September.

“I did get a report that one of the flood gates had not been closed and have asked the Environment Agency for an explanation. I’m pleased to report that the floodgates were closed yesterday afternoon, there were no major incidents in that area and the Environment Agency are patrolling Attenborough; villagers who were so badly flooded in 2000 should be feeling considerably safer thanks to the flood defences.”

Residents in parts of Broxtowe are suffering from flooding notably in Trowell, “my team in the constituency is working with the Environment Agency to make sure every effort is being made to safeguard homes.”

 Meanwhile Anna Soubry is urging constituents to be good neighbours and make sure that they and people near to them are ready for a tough winter.

 “We experienced snow in October and now the heavy rain leading to flooding. The Met office says we can expect a long cold winter and it’s important we all do everything we can to be ready”.

 As a Health Minister, Anna knows that the NHS is preparing for a bad winter, “I have also made enquiries with Notts County Council about levels of salt and grit and they tell me they have record amounts. So while national and local Government is ready for the worst I think we should all be making sure we are ready and ensure our neighbours are also prepared.”

 If the temperature drops, older people need to be warm and they may need someone to get in their shopping or clear steps and pathways.

 “It’s a myth that you can’t clear a pavement of snow or ice. It’s also important we are all good neighbours and we can pay a friendly visit now to make sure an elderly neighbour is ready for winter.”

 Anna has already urged health workers, older residents and people with long term conditions to be sure to get their flu jab. “Uptake is good” said Anna, “but we need to make sure everyone who should have a flu jab contacts their GP to make sure they are protected.”