Anna Soubry MP joins residents and Councillors in Trowell to reject Open Cast Mine plans

UK Coal want to mine a 325 acre site called Shortwood on Green Belt land between the two villages and have applied to Notts County Council for permission.

“It was a very good meeting” said local MP, Anna Soubry “whatever our political differences we are united in opposition to the plans. “

Residents heard concerns from local GP, Trowell resident and County Councillor, Dr John Doddy about the adverse affects of dust from open cast mining on babies and young children “statistics show a 30% rise in referrals to GP’s in areas suffering from open cast  mining” Dr. Doddy told the meeting.

MP Anna Soubry has called on UK Coal to conduct and pay for an independent Health Impact Assessment “the site is right by the eight lane M1 with its attendant pollution – imagine how much worse peoples lives will become with a filthy great open cast mine on their doorsteps. It is plain wrong in this day and age to extract almost 1.5 million tonnes of coal, to shift it in lorries up to Junction 26 of the M1 to bring it all the way back down to Junction 24 and onwards to the coal fired Ratcliffe on  Soar Power station. It’s appalling for the environment, the health of residents and will add yet more congestion to roads already unable to cope with the traffic flow.”

Residents are being urged to join in a mass letter write to Notts County Council. County Councillor Philip Owen urged people to address four concerns in their letter namely, the effect of dust, increases in noise levels, the affect of eight lorries an hour on the A609, A6002 and Nuthall roundabout and how much people love and use this stretch of Green Belt.

Please send individual letters to Nottinghamshire County Council, Development Management, Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6BJ. The closing date for submissions is June 30th. The reference is Planning Application by UK Coal at Shortwood Ref No ES/2569

Anna Soubry MP has applied to debate the application in Parliament.

“I spoke out against open cast mining at Shortwood in my maiden speech and in a debate last year. I now want Ministers to accept that it is incompatible to allow open cast mining at the same time as preserving our Green Belt land.”