Anna Soubry MP further challenges Broxtowe Council’s Green Belt plans

Anna Soubry has submitted her response to the sites identified by Broxtowe Borough Councils as suitable for housing development even though the majority are on Green Belt land. You can read Anna’s submission on the ‘Save our Green Belt’ page of the website.

Today  the Chief Planning Inspector wrote to Anna to state that allegations made by senior Broxtowe Borough Councillors, “are not an accurate representation of the exchange that took place between her [Planning Inspector], the officer from Broxtowe Borough Council and the other parties in attendance.”

Claims made publicly by Councillors included, “The planning inspector said that we had to give a figure and 500 was the minimum we could get away with”, “the Inspector said Toton seems a good place for growth” and, “it (the Aligned Core Strategy) is likely to fail if Toton does not go in”.

Speaking of the consultation Anna said, “There has been public confusion and uncertainty over how vulnerable Broxtowe’s Green Belt land is to housing development.  The site allocation consultation was only published on 4th November, when the public examination of Broxtowe Borough Council’s Aligned Core Strategy was already well underway. What’s more, all the way along, senior Councillors at Broxtowe Borough Council have said that they have had no choice as the Inspector has said they need to provide these sites otherwise their plan would fail. We now know that such claims are false. I have repeatedly asked for Broxtowe Borough Council to not simply accept the former RSS housing targets, and we need a full Green Belt review.”