Anna Soubry MP fights to save Kingsbridge Way

The Council is set to announce plans to close Kingsbridge Way Short Break Centre at its Budget Allocation on February 27th.

When asked about the centre, Anna said, “I am opposed to these plans which will not only close an extremely well used and highly valued service, but will also leave a significant gap in quality care provision within the constituency.  As such, in December I wrote to the Leader of the County Council, Cllr Alan Rhodes, to ask him to reconsider the plans and I have been told that this will be reviewed along with other supporting evidence before a decision is made” (please find a copy of this letter at the bottom of this page).

At Thursday’s full Council meeting, Cllr Richard Jackson also gave a speech in opposition to the closure of Kingsbridge Way and presented a petition with 1,195 signatures which can be viewed here.

Anna went on to say: “Additionally my office has been contacted by Mark Spencer, MP for Sherwood, whose constituents are also concerned about the loss of the service.  It is clear that there is a great deal of support for the centre and the Council must now listen to all of these views before making a decision.”