Anna Soubry MP condemns Broxtowe Borough Council over Field Farm vote

Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, has condemned a decision by the Labour and Liberal Democrat controlled Broxtowe Borough Council to agree to housing on Green Belt land at Stapleford.

Anna said, “Labour and the Lib Dems voted to make Field Farm their number one preferred site over and above brown field land in the Borough which could provide thousands of new homes. Last night they had the opportunity to defer the decision, but instead voted in favour of development on Green Belt land.”

The Broxtowe MP added, “The matter now goes to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, who faces a difficult decision. On one hand, there is the Government’s stated policy that Green Belt land should not be developed on save for in exceptional circumstances, but on the other we believe in localism; allowing local Councils to make local decisions.

The problem is that in Broxtowe we have a Borough Council out of step with the views of local people and in the pocket of the City Council. The Labour and Lib Dem controlled Borough Council should at the least put off any decision about Field Farm until after an Inspector has approved their “Core Strategy” which details the Council’s future planning policy.

I have already asked Eric Pickles for a meeting and will not hesitate to continue to defend Broxtowe’s Green Belt from development.”