Anna Soubry MP comments on Neville Sadler Court Closure

Housing21, owners of Neville Sadler Court in Beeston, have today announced the decommissioning of the full scheme at Neville Sadler Court. The closure will follow the demolition of part of the complex, acquired by Nottingham City Council, for the tramline.

Residents in the flats already due to be demolished are to move out before October 2012, with other residents leaving by summer 2013.

Anna said, “Residents have been living in uncertainty for some years whilst they await a decision on the future of the complex.” The Broxtowe MP, who since her election has arranged and attended various meetings with residents, councillors and Housing21 to discuss the future of the court, added, “At last we have a decision, although it may not have been the one we wanted. I just hope that everyone can be re-housed where they want, and as quickly as possible.”