Anna Soubry MP cautiously welcomes decision on Toton Sidings

Anna Soubry MP has given a cautious welcome to today’s announcement about the restocking of trees which were unlawfully destroyed at Toton Sidings.

The owner of the land used a bulldozer to fell a popular and large woodland of trees in January 2010 and last summer the Forestry Commission declared the owner had acted unlawfully and issued a restocking notice. The owner appealed the decision and today the Forestry Commission announced that the order would be changed.

Instead of having to re stock the area with over 2,000 silver birch trees the Commission is “satisfied” that the lost trees can be replaced naturally.

Anna Soubry said, “the original restocking notice has been somewhat watered down but the land owner must now protect and maintain the trees which are already growing back. If the full density isn’t reached by 2015 then the land owner will have to re-plant.”

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