Anna Soubry MP campaigns for the Toton Connect

Anna Soubry MP has written to Cllr Kevin Greaves, Chairman of the Highways and Transport Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, in order to urge the Council to continue funding the Toton Connect Plus 110 Service.

The Toton Connect, which provides a vital service to many in Toton, Stapleford and Attenborough, is under threat from Nottinghamshire County Council, which has proposed reductions to the service. The proposals include withdrawing early morning or evening services, changing the route or even withdrawing the service altogether, which would leave large parts of Toton, Attenborough and Stapleford without access to public transport.

Speaking of these proposals Anna said, “ The Toton Connect is a great service, which was introduced by the previous Conservative County Council at my request,  following a meeting with residents at Lombardy Lodge and representations from a large number of constituents.

It is clear from the correspondence that I have received, that this service is supported and relied upon by a wide range of individuals and any disruption to the service would be a huge loss to the area and prevent many from carrying out every day essential tasks.”

Anna’s letter to Cllr Greaves can be found below.

Letter to Cllr Greaves