Anna Soubry MP calls for Reassurance over Illegal Traveller site

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has called for reassurances that the police and Broxtowe Borough Council that they acted quickly to remove travellers from Manor Park in Toton.

Anna said:

“I’ve been told that devices to stop travellers camping on Manor Park were damaged, which meant the travellers had access to the area. If that is right then a criminal offence was committed and the police should have immediately investigated”.

“Landowners like Broxtowe Borough Council can use the civil courts to repossess land but it takes days. However, if criminal offences have been committed the police must act quickly to detect those responsible and arrest them.”

The travellers left Manor Park earlier this week but are believed to be the same group currently camped on land at Chilwell School.  Local Councillor Richard Jackson has informed Nottinghamshire County Council, who have pledged the help the school in any court proceedings.

Anna added:

“I am monitoring the situation at Chilwell School and have contacted Broxtowe Borough Council to make sure they have acted quickly, though it appears the problem has simply been moved on”.