Anna Soubry MP backs the campaign to stop metal thefts

Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, is backing a Labour MP’s campaign to stop metal thefts.

Labour MP Graham Jones is calling on new measures to regulate scrap metal yards.

Anna Soubry said, “The desecration of war memorials and churches by stealing plaques and lead is despicable; stealing metal that threatens people’s safety on our roads and railways needs tough action from the police”.

“Nottinghamshire police introduced a similar scheme some time ago working with local Councils. All yards should be licensed which means they have to have CCTV and proper records. If you can’t sell stolen metal then you will stop stealing it, so we need to make sure other police forces follow Nottinghamshire’s example.”

Anna met with local police this weekend and discussed theft of metal from churches in Broxtowe, “St Catherine’s in Cossall was attacked four times in two weeks and no longer has any lead. It’s the same at St Mary’s in Greasley, which now has a stainless steel roof. All the brass and copper plaques on tombstones and memorials have been removed by the Church and stored elsewhere because of the threat from thieves. A number of the plaques are 500 years old and added to the special character of St Mary’s churchyard.”

Anna Soubry said, “The police in Broxtowe take metal theft very seriously and Operation Metallica is up and running again with regular checks on scrap metal merchants to make sure they are keeping to the conditions of their licence.”

Anna added, “Knowing you will be caught is the best deterrent and closing down dodgy scrap metal yards is critical.”

Parliament will debate Graham Jones’s Ten Minute Bill on Tuesday November 15th.