Anna Soubry MP attends Nuthall Green Belt Meeting

Anna Soubry MP spoke out at a Public Meeting, organised by Nuthall Parish Council and held at Mornington Crescent Primary school, in opposition to build hundreds of houses on  Nuthall’s Green Belt.

The meeting covered a number of topics, including the recent application to build 555 houses on Green Belt land off Woodhouse Way, the forthcoming Oxylane sports village application,  and HS2.

Speaking of the meeting, Anna said: “There was a good turnout for a wet Saturday afternoon and it was great to see so many residents keen to making their opinions known about the impact that these planning applications on Nuthall’s Green Belt.

I was also glad to be able to give a brief report on my work on HS2 and inform residents of the forthcoming public consultation on the route and compensation scheme. You can read more about my work on HS2 here.”