Anna Soubry Launches Beeston Tram Compensation Petition

Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry, has launched a petition to save local businesses and will hold an Action Day to collect signatures in Beeston this Saturday.

Anna’s petition calls on the County and City Councils to compensate businesses in Beeston, Chilwell, Toton & Attenborough who are suffering financial loss as a result of tram works.

Anna said, “currently only businesses in a very specific area, directly on the tram route, are eligible for compensation.  I’ve been working with a large number of other local businesses who have seen their takings fall by up to 75%.  These are family businesses, some of them second or third generation, and all of them are hugely valued by local residents.  We are in very real danger of losing some of these businesses permanently if the two councils don’t act urgently to save them.”

Anna has previously secured £100,000 as an “exceptional hardship fund” however this fund is limited to small area.

“The works have significantly overrun and with real concern that there will be further delays, businesses still have no certainty about when the work will be completed. I’ve spoken with some who have already taken a decision to open for limited hours or close for several days every week. Some businesses have already closed and others will be forced to close within weeks if they don’t receive financial help.”

“What we need is as many people as possible to show up in the centre of Beeston on Saturday and support their local businesses.  All businesses should receive a letter from me this week along with paper copies of our petition, but people can also sign the petition on my website.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help on Saturday, please contact my constituency office.”

Anna will be in Beeston on Saturday from 11am and if you would like to sign her petition online, please visit