Anna Soubry hosts meeting between Green Belt campaigners and Planning Minister

Anna Soubry had driven Nick Boles, the Planning Minister, around the constituency showing him brown field sites where hundreds of homes should be built and what is left of our Green Belt land where houses should not be built.

Nick ended his visit in Kimberley with a pint in one of the town’s pubs and then a meeting with local Green Belt campaigners.

“It was their opportunity to speak to the Minister. Nick couldn’t hear any submissions on any live applications for planning permission like Field Farm but we talked about Broxtowe’s plans to allow development on the Borough’s Green Belt land” said Anna.

“We were all keen to explain how there had been very poor if any proper public consultation. We also raised the 6,150 target of houses agreed by the Borough Council. Nick was in listening mode!”

Nick talked to Darren Warner of Kimberley Residents Assoc, Richard MacRae fro Stapleford, Christine Batham from Toton, Neil Hutchinson from Greasley and George Read and Keith Town of Bramcote Conservation Society.