Anna Soubry Holds Same Sex Marriage meeting

Anna Soubry MP has, last night, held a meeting to discuss the forthcoming Same Sex Marriage Bill. The meeting, held at Chilwell Methodist Church, was well attended with over 200 people, from all sides of the debate, coming along to ensure their views were heard.

Speaking of the meeting, Anna said: “Many thanks to everyone who attended last night’s meeting to discuss the Equal Marriage Bill. It was an opportunity for people to speak out freely. It is fair to say there was considerable opposition to my decision to vote in favour of the Bill (again) and one of the many attendees, who has subsequently emailed me, described the meeting as “a lion being thrown to the Christians”. To be quite clear, many of those who plucked up considerable courage to speak in favour of the Bill were Christians and their support was clearly based on their faith. I was also struck by the power of the arguments presented in favour of the Bill by young gay people.

I held the meeting for many reasons- not only to listen and understand but also to explain my own view. I did take away some important messages: many Christians who oppose the Bill are deeply upset and feel excluded, indeed in fear of being persecuted for their faith and belief; similarly, prejudice, misunderstanding and fear of gay people still exists. In short many wrongs remain in need of being set right.”