Anna Soubry holds Greasley Meeting to defend Broxtowe’s Green Belt

Hundreds of angry residents gave up their Saturday afternoon to attend a public meeting in Greasley Parish Hall to defend their green belt from development. The meeting had been called by Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry, Borough, Parish and County Councillors representing the area.

“We showed people the sites selected by Broxtowe Borough Council as suitable for housing which includes the Moor Green show ground and a huge part of the green belt between Watnall corner and St. Mary’s church in Greasley” said Anna Soubry.

“Residents were appalled at how much land is proposed for development and angry at the lack of information and consultation from Broxtowe Borough Council.”

Residents from Giltbrook, Newthorpe and Moorgreen attended the meeting along with people from Watnall and Nuthall.

County Councillor Philip Owen who represents Nuthall called on communities to work together to see off the Borough Councils plans.

“We fought off the developers last time and we can and will do it again” said Councillor Owen “we should not be handing over our green belt in this way”.

Anna Soubry MP added ” the Government has just scrapped the last administration’s housing targets and has said time and time again, that green belt land remains specially protected. For reasons best known to themselves Labour and the Lib Dems who run Broxtowe Borough Council have accepted the last Governments housing target which means thousands of houses on our precious green belt.”

Broxtowe Borough Council has accepted a figure of 5,700 houses and identified enough brown field land for 2,000. The remaining 3,700 houses would have to be built on the Borough’s green belt land as there is no other land in Broxtowe which is the most densely populated Borough in Nottinghamshire.