Anna Soubry has branded the latest delay in reopening Chilwell High Road as “an absolute shambles”

The latest delay comes after nineteen months of closure and numerous missed deadlines to get the road back open to traffic. Anna said “Broken promises have plagued this project from the outset. Traders, residents and I were promised that the road would be open this weekend, traders have organised a reopening party alongside the Oxjam Beeston Takeover Music Festival. This will go ahead as planned and all are determined to make sure this weekend is a success.”

Traders were informed of the delay by TWA on Thursday but only after being contacted by the Nottingham Post.  TWA also told traders that the delay was unavoidable given the works that Severn Trent Water were prioritising near to the A453.

Anna went on to say, “I have spoken to Severn Trent and they are understandably frustrated that blame for the delay is being shifted onto them.  They have released a statement to say that they had not received enough notice of the works – if they had then works could have been scheduled to prevent delay”

 “I have also received information from Bartons that they were informed there would be a delay last Friday.  The fact that TWA decided to inform other traders on Chilwell Road almost a week later is quite simply unacceptable.”