Anna Soubry guests on BBC Question Time

Anna Soubry MP was one of the panellists on last night’s Question Time on BBC 1. It was Anna’s fourth appearance since 2011and she made particular mention of two constituents. Watch the porgramme on:

Anna paid tribute to two Muslim constituents from Trowell who had come to see her yesterday morning.

“We had a long chat about the difficulties of running a newsagents and as we were saying goodbye they felt the need to assure me that the majority of Muslims are good people opposed to violence. I interrupted them to say that they had no reason to apologise or explain their faith. I assured them I and many other people know the overwhelming majority of British Muslims are throughly good, decent and honest people. I recounted the conversation during the programme when we were discussing terrorism with references to last week’s murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. I made the point that we should be proud of our British Muslim community.”

Beeston’s Muslim Community Centre had a window broken and a firework thrown into the building earlier this week.