Anna Soubry discusses Gaza at Beeston Muslim Centre

Anna Soubry MP had a meeting at the Beeston Muslim Centre to discuss the situation in Gaza and other matters. “It was good to return to the Centre and I was grateful that we had a positive and frank exchange of views” said Anna “there was some anger and much concern about the plight of civilians in Gaza. Israel was roundly condemned and a number of members of the community said the Government should be more robust in its policy and attitude to Israel. I explained that Hammas is a terrorist organisation and that Israel has been acting in self defence but that they should avoid killing and injuring civilians.” Events have moved on and there is now a cease fire “What we all want is peace. I want Israel and Palestine to exist in peace and in accordance with the borders agreed in 1967. Decades of animosity must end and people’s of all races and religions should live in independent nations respecting neighbouring countries and their borders.”

Anna also discussed other matters “Broxtowe has a moderate Muslim community and I have undertaken to represent their views to the highest level of Government.”