Anna Soubry demands full compensation for local businesses blighted by the tramworks

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has written to Nottingham City Council urging them to change the current arrangements and pay full compensation for businesses in serious difficulty due to the tramworks in Beeston and Chilwell.

Paragon Motors who employ 20 people at their Seat dealership in Chilwell are threatening to close if sales don’t improve since High Road was closed completely to traffic.

Julie Cameron of Cameron House says the current package is inadequate and MP Anna Soubry agrees. “Businesses are in real danger of going under unless the City and County change the 70% limit and £13,5000 cap” said Anna “the scheme was agreed on the basis Chilwell Road and High Road would be open for one way traffic. The City Council changed that and now the both roads are completely closed for over a year. The place looks like a building site and businesses which rely on passing trade are suffering profoundly.”

Julie Cameron has been told the City and County Councils have put aside over £2 million in compensation – money which is in danger of not being spent as businesses fold!