Anna Soubry condemns “public consultation” on green belt threat

In a submission to Broxtowe Borough Council Anna Soubry says the Borough Councils consultation is flawed as it has not involved the vast majority of residents and the Council has accepted a housing target that the Government wants to scrap. “Broxtowe should be working with communities to find sustainable development not alienating people with plans to build thousands of houses on our green belt.”

The Localism Bill scraps the last Government’s top down housing targets and devolves power to local communities “It strikes me Broxtowe is rushing this through to avoid the Localism Bill” said Anna.

The Coalition has promised to keep the special protection afforded to green belt land. Broxtowe only has brown field and green belt land. “We can build two thousand homes on our brownfield but by accepting the housing target set by the last Government Broxtowe is giving the go ahead to developers to build on our green belt and it will be difficult to stop them.”

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