Anna Soubry condemns plans to build on Greasley’s green belt

Plans published by Broxtowe Borough Council reveal the full extent of their proposals to allow development on green belt in the north of Broxtowe.

“Sites including the Moor Green show ground have been identified as suitable for development” said Anna Soubry “I do not believe people throughout Broxtowe want to see whjat little green belt land we have being surrendered to new housing.”

Broxtowe Borough Council has, in effect, agreed to a target of upto 6,000 new houses in the Borough. Brown field sites can accomodate 2,000 homes leaving 4,000 to be built on green belt.

“The Government has made it clear green belt land remains specially protected but the Labour/Lib Dem group seem determined to accept a target from the last Government which would result in the loss of huge swathes of our green belt”.

Anna has called on the Borough Council to withdraw the target; meanwhile people throughout the Borough are urged to join in the consultation and have their say in defending the green belt and rejecting the Councils plans.


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“we are not changing the rules on national parks, on the green belt and areas of outstanding natural beauty” The Prime Minister, David Cameron

“the green belt will be protected under this coalition Government, unlike under the previous Labour Government, who promised to build on it.” Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.