Anna Soubry condemns phone hacking and calls for a “pause” in News International’s acquisition of BSkyB.

Anna Soubry spoke in today’s debate on phone hacking and the News of the World. In condemning the practise Anna called on the Government to pause before agreeing to any purchase of majority shares by Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

Anna Soubry said: “the revelations that Milly Dowlers phone and the phones of other murder victims had been hacked, evidence stolen and in some cases destroyed was despicable”.

In supporting a public enquiry Anna asked the Government to return to the subject of her private members bill in February. The bill would have prevented the media from naming of arrested people before charge. Anna congratulated the Attorney General for prosecuting two newspapers who named a Bristol man and then quite wrongly printed false allegations about him. Anna asked the Government to consider a new law on the same lines as her Private Members Bill.

Read the full content of Anna’s speech by clicking on this link and scrolling to 4.11pm