Anna Soubry calls on Broxtowe to withdraw “Core Strategy”

In the debate, Anna explained how the current plan, with a housing target of 6,150, would mean thousands of houses would be built on what remains of the Borough’s Green Belt land. Anna also spoke of how there is widespread opposition to the Borough Council’s plans, with hundreds of people having attended public meetings across Broxtowe, including Toton, Greasley, Stapleford and Nuthall.

The Minister replying on behalf of the Government said that Government policy was to ensure that Green Belt land remains specially protected and that councils were now free to determine their own housing needs. Referring to Rushcliffe Borough Council, Bob Neill MP said, “one local authority has chosen to leave the joint strategy, which is its right, just as it is the right of another authority to stay in.”

Anna said, “Rushcliffe left the process and halved their housing target. If Broxtowe did the same there would be no threat to our Green Belt.” The Broxtowe MP added, “Broxtowe still has time to determine its own future and I would urge all the political parties to work together and defend our green belt land.”

Anna is holding a public meeting, along with local Councillors, at Toton Greenwood Centre on Sunday 15th July at 2:00pm and there will be a public meeting at Kimberley Parish Hall on Tuesday 17th July at 7:00pm.