Anna Soubry calls for views on cheap alcohol and how to save our great local pubs

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry is urging constituents to have their say about cheap alcohol.

“The Government is determined to continue the fight against alcohol abuse for the sake of our livers and to reduce crime!  The consultation is about a minimum price per unit of alcohol to see off cheap drink mainly sold in supermarkets. Cheap alcohol encourages pre loading and threatens great pubs like the award winning Crown Inn in Beeston” said Anna.

The Government led consultation can be found on Anna is urging everyone in Broxtowe to have their say.

“I am aware that a minimum unit price known as MUP, would mean many responsible drinkers would have to pay more for a bottle of wine. But equally I have heard first hand from doctors treating people with liver disease who lay much of the blame for the change in our drinking culture at the hands of drink manufacturers and supermarkets for an abundance of cheap booze.”

“It’s reckoned irresponsible drinking costs the NHS £1.2 billion a year so in human and economic costs we need to take the problem seriously and take action.”

Broxtowe has a number of great pubs and although the Kimberley Brewery closed some years ago the Blue Monkey Brewery in Giltbrook is continuing the areas brewing tradition.

“Blue Monkey brew excellent ales at sensible prices. MUP will benefit the brewery and encourage responsible drinking but I want to know what everyone thinks. So I hope people will make their views heard either directly to me on or directly to the Home Office consultation.