Anna Soubry calls for full review of Contempt of Court Act

Earlier this year Anna Soubry introduced a Private Members Bill to give arrested people anonymity until or unless they were charged. In the recent debates on phone hacking and the behaviour of the police and media  Anna has repeatedly spoken out against the reporting of an arrested persons name. “Given recent events I thought the media would at last take a more responsible view on the way they report someones arrest. In the past the media did not name someone unitl they were charged; they certainly didn’t engage in the sort of character assination we witnessed when a man was arrested in Bristol follwing the murder of Jo Yeates. Todays newspapers, radio and TV reports are full of the name of the woman arrested in connection with a number of murders at Stepping Hill Hospital, with photgraphs and comments taken from her Facebook page”.

Anna has written to the Attorney General as a result “I have asked Dominic Grieve to review the exisiting Contempt of Court legislation and to make sure the media comply with the existing law. Our media must behave responsibly and within the law and in recent weeks people have made it very clear that is what they want.”