Anna Soubry calls for Councillor who used racist language to resign

Anna Soubry MP has called on Kimberley Town and Borough Councillor Andy Cooper  to resign immediately following racist comments about a former fellow town Councillor. Yesterday morning a tenth Town Councillor, Janet Pearce resigned after she received an email from Andy Cooper which he sent to all Councillors and the Town Clerk,  in which he used racist language to describe Katherina Boettge who was born in Germany. Cooper called Katharina “Eva Braun” who was Hitlers mistress.  Ms Boettge and fellow Green, David Kirwan resigned from Kimberley Town Council last month  after allegations that the Council was not being open about its finances and was being run in an undemocratic way by the controlling Labour group.

In her resignation letter Janet Pearce says she has resigned because of the way the councils’ finances are being run and because of Andy Coopers racist language stating “Such a comment is more befitting a member of the BNP and not a member of the labour party.

Shame on you Andy!!”

Anna Soubry MP said “Councillor Cooper should resign; his description of Katherina was highly offensive and to use racist language is never acceptable especially from an elected representative. I am profoundly concerned at the way Kimberley Town Council is being run. Anyone who disagrees with the controlling group is effectively hounded out. If Councillor Cooper refuses to resign I expect the Labour group on both Councils to expel him.”

In his email to fellow Town Councillors and Town clerk,  Councillor Cooper wrote

“Amazing how Kirwan and Eva Braun can turn up at KRA meeting but go missing for KTC.

I was told a by election would cost £10,000.00!”

Andy “

On Thursday evening former Town Councillors David Kirwan and Katherina Boettge addressed a meeting of Kimberley Residents Association which Anna attended. Residents were told the councils reserves had been spent, there was a complete lack of financial transparency and un democratic procedures.