Anna Soubry calls for boycott of Circus in Stapleford

Anna has today welcomed the Government’s announcement to introduce strict new licenses to safeguard the welfare of wild animals used in circuses.

Last week Anna called on people to boycott the Circus in Stapleford which uses a number of different species of wild animals in performances. ” I have never taken my daughters to a circus that uses wild animals. I think it degrades these magnificent animals and I find it offensive to see them staging ‘tricks’. I know there is a good argument for banning the use of wild animals and I am sympathetic to it. However, the and by Austria to outlaw the use of wild animals in circuses is now being challenged in the European Courts. Whilst the legality is being sorted out the Government will introduce strict licensing. But the quickest solution is to put these people out of business by not going to this type of circus.”

To read the letter from the Agriculture Minister to MP’s click here.