Anna Soubry backs residents calls for a decision on Neville Sadler Court

Neaville Sadler is home to dozens of elderly people living independently in the main complex of flats and annexe, on Fletcher Road in Beeston.

The main building is due to be demolished as it is on the route of the tram extension but residents in the rest of the building face an uncertain future.

Anna Soubry said  “having met again with representatives of residents at Neville Sadler, I have asked for a meeting with the owners of Housing 21, the tram construction team and both Broxtowe and Nottingham City Councils. We need a timetable so residents know when to move out of the main complex and remaining residents must know what the plans are for their future. It is not fair to keep residents guessing especially as many are frail and frankly, frightened at what the future holds for them”.