Anna secures action on Attenborough parking chaos

Friday, 30 May, 2014

newsletter| May 30 201 Hello,
This is just a short email to tell you about the meeting I held today to try and solve the problem of parking in Attenborough.

I met representatives of East Midlands Trains, Network Rail, Cemex and Councillors Steve Calvert of Notts County Council and your Borough Councillor, Eric Kerry.

It was a very good meeting with the following agreed actions and common approaches to the serious problem of dangerous and inconsiderate parking in the village by rail passengers.

1. Survey
We all agreed we do not want to see a decline in passengers using Attenborough railway station. There was some considerable discussion as to why there has been an increase in the number of travellers; we noted there may be a fall in numbers when Beeston Station expands its’ parking facilities and when the tram works reach completion. I suggested and East Midlands Trains and Network Rail agreed to undertake, a survey of travellers using Attenborough Station. This will give us an idea as to numbers, where people have travelled to Attenborough from, their destination and why they have chosen Attenborough. This will take place in the next few weeks.

2. Action against dangerously parked vehicles
There have been a number of incidents of dangerous parking particularly in relation to the railway crossing. Notts County Council will consult on the introduction of double yellow lines near to the crossing though a single thick line carries more “clout”. East Midland Trains agreed to contact both British Transport Police and work with our civilian police to make sure they act when there is dangerous parking. To help them I would urge you to report all such incidents to the police. If you have any difficulty in reporting incidents or do not feel your call has not been responded to, please contact me. I will not hesitate to take action directly with the local police and British Transport Police.

3. Parking restrictions to stop bad and inconsiderate parking
Inconsiderate and bad parking is also intolerable especially when you can’t access your own home. Notts County Council will look at introducing parking restrictions on a number of roads near to the station including Barratt Lane. These sort of measures take time as there must be good consultation with residents. There is also a danger that an abundance of parking restrictions in one part of the village will just push the problem on to other roads in the village. However, I think a review is to be welcomed and I will make sure the County Council carry this out. I will also keep you informed.

4. A car park
We agreed that what we need is a car park near to the station. Cemex are going to make enquiries as to whether they may have some available land – though (as you know) it is some distance from the station. I undertook to contact the manager and owners of the Blue Bell to see if they are able to assist. We have made contact and I hope to have a meeting next week. Notts County Council has experience of making use of underused parking areas to everyone’s benefit. They have agreed to assist if the owners of the Blue Bell are up for it!

5.Other ideas
We discussed whether more homes might offer their drives to station users for a small daily fee (check out the web site and you will get the idea!), whether residents on some roads might agree to station users parking on their road and so on. I don’t have any fixed views and would very much welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Forgive the repetition but it was a very positive meeting and I was much encouraged by the attitude in particular of East Midlands Trains and Network Rail. It was very good of Cemex to attend and they too were very helpful. Notts County Council are also keen to help so between us all I think we can begin to sort out the parking problem; but what we really need are places or a place where station users can park without interfering with residents!

Please let me know what you think and enjoy the weekend,
As ever,