Action Day success

Two thousand people in just two days have signed Anna Soubry’s petition calling for compensation for businesses and shops hit by the tram works.

There was a great turn out in Beeston for today’s “Action Day” with people queuing to sign the petition. Anna’s campaign has so far persuaded Notts County Council to extend the current scheme to all shops and traders suffering financial loss in the chaos, congestion, dust and disruption of the tram works.

“Businesses have contacted me in the last few months as they settled their accounts for the financial year and their figures confirmed their worst fears – a serious down turn caused by the tram works” said Anna.

“I am very pleased the County Council have extended the scheme but they said they could only do that if they increased the money available to pay in compensation and they haven’t done that. Yet!”

The petition is available on line and in shops throughout Beeston and Chilwell “I am heartened that so many of our great shops have taken the petition and are getting their customers to sign up” said Anna.

“This is not a party political matter. I am really pleased Lib Dem Councillors Stan Heptinstall and Steve Carr were some of the first to sign the petition and it was good to see them both today. Sadly, Beeston Labour Councillor Steve Barber refused to sign the petition even though the Labour run City Council back my campaign. This is about saving our shops and traders so they can take advantage of the promised benefits of the tram not about party political nonsense!”