600 hundred homes and businesses without phones and internet until Sunday

600 homes and businesses  in Beeston, Chilwell, Bramcote and Attenborough are without their land line or internet after BT cabling suffered serious damage. Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has been woeking with BT and helping elderly and frail constituents who rely exclusively on their land line.

“like many constituents my constituency office has been affected. I spoke to BT last night and they pro ided some detail. Today they have sent the following response to my enquiries. They assure me they are working flat out to replace the damaged cabling but many people will not have their service restored until well into the weekend.”


The fault

As we discussed yesterday a cable started to develop faults on 8th/9th August after water started to get into it.  As you know the location of the fault is on Chilwell Road, we are investigating but at this stage we believe accidental damage by a third party may be the cause.  The damage has affected three cabinets, each of which serve several hundred customers of various service providers in the Bramcote, Beeston and Chilwell areas.  I’ve attached a map that shows the geography.

Repair Works

We now have around 600 reported faults associated with this. We need to replace around 250 metres of underground cabling which as you’ll appreciate is a significant amount of work. Engineers are working 24 hours a day to restore service.

Of the 600 lines, 60 have been restored to date.  The location for the main box that our engineers are working on is Devonshire Ave / Chilwell Rd Junction on the right hand side pavement. They are also currently working in boxes up to 230m away on Chilwell Rd from this central box.  There are around 10 engineers on the ground today.  there are parking restrictions locally so vans etc may not be visible.

There is a lot of engineering work still to do and it is likely to be well into the weekend before all people affected have been restored.

Local Activity

In terms of activity to alert people locally, we have shared the latest position with BBC Radio Nottinghamshire, the Nottingham Post and Notts TV.  We will continue to update them as the situation develops.  Openreach does not leaflet in local areas where there are faults. In line with industry process, they provide regular updates to service providers who in turn should be updating their customers who are affected.

Your constituents

Customer’s must report a fault to their Communications Providers (CP).  The CP, having raised a fault report with Openreach, can track progress on their systems and they can also use their dedicated routes into Openreach for further advice/detail. From there they can make their own decision on providing a mobile or putting a divert on to allow calls to come through a mobile number nominated by their customer.