Month: May 2012

Anna Soubry MP Congratulates Haveli Restaurant in Chilwell for winning the East Midlands nomination for the 2012 Tiffin Cup

Haveli Restaurant in Chilwell has won the East Midlands section of the prestigious Tiffin Cup 2012. The Tiffin Cup, a competition organised by the Tiffin Club to find the best South Asian restaurant in the country, calls for Members of Parliament  to nominate the best restaurants in their constituencies.  Haveli,

Anna Soubry MP speaks out in Parliament on the double threat to Broxtowe’s Green Belt

Anna Soubry MP speaks out on the double threat to Broxtowe’s Green Belt in Parliament Anna Soubry MP has this week spoken out in Parliament against the double threat to Green Belt in Broxtowe from both UK Coal’s application for Open Cast Mining at Shortwood Farm and Broxtowe Borough Council’s

Anna Soubry MP pledges to fight development on Field Farm

“It really is profoundly disappointing that Stapleford’s own elected representatives did nothing to thwart the Borough Council’s plans indeed some spoke in favour of the target for 6,150 houses, many thousands of which will be built on Green Belt land”. Anna attended Wednesday evenings meeting along with members of STRAG

Anna Soubry MP urges Councillors to defend Broxtowe’s Green Belt

The Cabinet of Broxtowe Borough Council voted 4-3 in favour of plans that would see 6,105 houses being built in Broxtowe but with only enough brownfield land for 2-3,000. Labour and Lib Dem Councillors who control Broxtowe voted in favour of the controversial plans with the Conservatives voting against. “In

Anna Soubry MP joins residents and Councillors in Trowell to reject Open Cast Mine plans

UK Coal want to mine a 325 acre site called Shortwood on Green Belt land between the two villages and have applied to Notts County Council for permission. “It was a very good meeting” said local MP, Anna Soubry “whatever our political differences we are united in opposition to the