Month: October 2011

Anna Soubry says it’s time to change our clocks!

As the clocks go back an hour today Anna Soubry welcomes moves for a review into how we set our time. Anna Said: “Today marks the beginning of winter and dark nights drawing in. If the Scots agreed I think we should consider not moving the clocks in late Autumn.

Anna Soubry MP takes green belt campaign to Parliament

During the debate, ‘The Future of the Green Belt in England’, Anna asked, “What has led to the situation in my constituency and the proposal to build up to 4,000 homes on the green belt in the most densely populated borough in the county, if not the east midlands? There

Anna Soubry explains why she will not be voting for a referendum on the EU

Anna Soubry believes now is not the time to hold a referendum. “The biggest issue facing Britian is the state of the economy and the urgent need to maintain confidence and stability.” In a letter to constituents who have contacted her, Anna Soubry said: “The Conservative party manifesto for the

Anna Soubry MP Takes Green Belt Fight to Westminster

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has been successful in securing a debate on the future of the green belt. This latest development marks a significant step up in Anna’s campaign to protect Broxtowe’s green belt, in response to Broxtowe Borough Council’s Aligned Core Strategy which accepted a target of building 6,000

Anna Soubry welcomes new law on dangerous drivers

The Government has announced a new offence to punish dangerous drivers who cause serious injuries. The proposal comes after campaigners lobbied MP’s to make the change. Labour MP Karl Turner spear headed the campaign and earlier this year Anna supported him in a debate in Parliament. Anna said  “A few

George Spencer Academy wins ministerial support for policy on children at Chetwynd Barracks

The academy plans to change its admissions policy in 2013 and youngsters from forces’ families will be a priority group. Anna Soubry asked “members of the armed forces often have to move very quickly and with short notice, which can affect the education of their children, particularly if it happens

Anna Soubry condemns “public consultation” on green belt threat

In a submission to Broxtowe Borough Council Anna Soubry says the Borough Councils consultation is flawed as it has not involved the vast majority of residents and the Council has accepted a housing target that the Government wants to scrap. “Broxtowe should be working with communities to find sustainable development not