Month: August 2011

Anna Soubry delivers SOFA petition

Anna Soubry was presented with the petition by Rev. Brian Keyworth the former Baptist Minister in the village last week. Rev. Keyworth, is tee total but a firm supporter of The Foresters as it is a popular community meeting place in the village. Anna Soubry said after today’s presentation “Milan

Anna Soubry receives response on Toton Trees

Anna Soubry has received a response from Lord Henley, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, regarding the Toton Trees Restocking Notice, following her letter of 14th July. To read a copy of Lord Henley’s response, please click Here and Here. To read a copy of the letter Anna has been

Anna Soubry supports S.O.F.A (Save Our Foresters Arms)

The application has been made to Broxtowe Borough Council and Anna will present the petition to the leader of the Council, Milan Radulovic. “I have enjoyed a drink on a number of occasions in the Foresters and it is a great community facility. Many people come to enjoy a chat

Anna Soubry Comments on the Recent Riots

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about the rioting and looting. I hope this goes some way to answering those emails. As you will know from my last email newsletter I am out of the country on holiday. However, I have been following events and of course have been

Save our Green Belt

Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed a target of  5,765 houses many of which will have to built on the constituencys green belt. The numbers were voted through by the controlling Labour and Lib Dem group and opposed by Conservative Councillors. “Broxtowe is the most densely populated Borough in the county

Attenborough Flood defences on time and under budget!

“Work on both sides of the village has progressed well despite the severe winter weather. The dry weather in the Spring means the work is ahead of schedule and so far is under budget. In September work will start on the final part of the flood defences along the new