Month: July 2011

MUGA petition presented to Broxtowe leader

Greasley’s Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is a popular facility in Greasley but not with everyone who lives next to it. Some residents complained about the noise and as a result Broxtowe Borough Council slapped on a noise abatement order. Greasley Parish Council fear the restrictive order will mean the

Anna Soubry calls for full review of Contempt of Court Act

Earlier this year Anna Soubry introduced a Private Members Bill to give arrested people anonymity until or unless they were charged. In the recent debates on phone hacking and the behaviour of the police and media  Anna has repeatedly spoken out against the reporting of an arrested persons name. “Given recent events I thought

Anna Soubry reacts to the announced Police station reorganisation in Broxtowe

Nottinghamshire Police have unveiled their plans for the future of police stations in Broxtowe. Kimberley police station would close with three new contact points at Kimberley Parish Hall, Ikea and the Temple Centre in Nuthall. Anna Soubry said “I think it is important to get the views of residents and

Anna Soubry wants full consultation before any decision about Kimberley Police Station

Anna Soubry has written to the Chief Constable, Julia Hodgson, asking for an assurance that a decision has not been made to close Kimberley Police Station and that the current review will consult with the Town Council and residents of the town. Anna said: “I wrote to the Chair of

Anna Soubry puts Toton residents concerns to Minister after restocking disappointment

Last year thousands of trees were destroyed on land near Toton Sidings. The Forestry Commission issued a re stocking notice ordering the owner to replant the self set silver birches which the owner appealed. The Minister, Jim Paice said the owner would only have to replant if the trees did not

Anna Soubry welcomes the next stage of the Health and Social Care Bill

The Health and Social Care Bill gives doctors, nurses and other front line health professionals the power to commission services and treatments for patients. The plans will see less money being spent on managers and more being spent on health and social care. ” it is an important Bill which

Anna Soubry MP cautiously welcomes decision on Toton Sidings

Anna Soubry MP has given a cautious welcome to today’s announcement about the restocking of trees which were unlawfully destroyed at Toton Sidings. The owner of the land used a bulldozer to fell a popular and large woodland of trees in January 2010 and last summer the Forestry Commission declared

Anna Soubry condemns phone hacking and calls for a “pause” in News International’s acquisition of BSkyB.

Anna Soubry spoke in today’s debate on phone hacking and the News of the World. In condemning the practise Anna called on the Government to pause before agreeing to any purchase of majority shares by Rupert Murdoch’s News International. Anna Soubry said: “the revelations that Milly Dowlers phone and the

Anna Soubry supports debate in Parliament on phone hacking

Anna Soubry said ” it is outrageous that the News of the World hacked into Milly Dowlers phone, published some of her texts, deleted others and led her family to believe she might be alive when in fact she had been murdered.” Today in Parliament, the opposition called for a

Anna Soubry accepts petition supporting Greasley’s MUGA

Grealsey’s MUGA – a sporting area is under threat after a small number of people living next to it, complained to Broxtowe Borough Council about the noise. The area is mainly used by youngsters and has proved popular, especially with parents keen to keep their children playing sport and out

Anna Soubry judges schools art competition

Anna Soubry MP joined pupils and staff from schools in Bramcote to judge an art competition organised by community web site Bramcote Today. Wadsworth Fields Primary, Bramcote Hills, Alderman White, Bramcote C of E, Foxwood and Bramcote Park submitted work from pupils aged 6 to 14 and Anna and fellow